Aaaand Europe just got more Islamophobic

So following on my last post, a few more things have happened in Europe that have made me feel even more strongly that Europe is going down the wrong path in terms of heterogeneity, cultural diversity, and tolerance.

  1. Starting tomorrow, women in France will no longer be allowed to wear the burqa.
  2. Dutch parliament is to vote on a law that will ban halal/kosher methods of slaughter (although the point of halal slaughter is that it is the most painless way to kill the animal).
  3. Apparently anybody receiving German citizenship must sign a paper that states that they are morally committed to the state of Israel. Yes. Israel.

On top of this, God knows what’s going on in Egypt, what with the army shooting peaceful protesters in Tahrir, Mubarak making speeches about not stealing any money and suing anyone who insults him, and just general uncertainty about what the hell is going on.

Plus there was a mall shooting near Amsterdam yesterday, where some guy randomly killed 6 people; and a school shooting in Brazil where a teenager with a machine gun shot 11 kids in the head before killing himself.

Thank God neither the mall nor school shooters were Muslim. Now their cases are just going to be seen as individual psychological deviances (he was bullied, he felt rejected, he was a sociopath blah blah blah) rather than the whole “what’s wrong with Islam/Muslims/Arabs/Africans/dark people/veiled women?” question that comes up when a Muslim/Arab does something like this.

I need a cupcake.

I bought Time magazine since it’s about what went wrong with the Egyptian revolution. Thankfully I also bought Vogue, which is what I will read now (with my cupcake) since I can’t take any more bad news today.


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