Just watched a documentary about AIDS and how Thailand, Kenya, and Brazil are dealing with it. An interesting fact came up, namely that Brazil produces its own ARV drugs – the drugs needed to keep people with AIDS alive and living a healthy life.

So my question was: how come Brazil produces its own medicine, thus making sure that the country does not have a mortality epidemic, whereas other countries don’t? The professor then explained that the WTO does not allow any other countries to produce ARVs.

Yes. Seriously.

Brazil actually wanted to produce the drugs for other countries as well, at a much CHEAPER cost, but the WTO didn’t allow it to.


Because the companies producing and researching the drug had to make profit off of it.

While people die.

Seriously, how are people not protesting against these ridiculous institutions every day?


4 thoughts on “WTO and HIV/AIDS

  1. Muni

    The WTO is a notorious institution working hand in hand with IMF and WB to keep some economies in the toilet, people starving and dying while benefiting a very small percentage of the world. Those same beneficiaries are the main voters, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that this vicious circle will not end until countries refuse aid money and atrocious deals on “development projects” proposed by such institutions.

    1. I just can’t believe how many people don’t know about the crap these institutions do!
      Does development even exist as a field? I haven’t seen a single major organization that actually wants to change the status quo.

  2. This is ridiculous. I have heard that Brazil has been exceptional among countries in dealing with the HIV epidemic, but had no idea the WTO was actively preventing the same results worldwide. The WTO, IMF and World Bank have seemingly all destroyed lives, often under the guise of economic development or ‘free market policies.’

    1. They are literally killing people. I’m tired of HIV/AIDS being blamed on sexually deviant third-worlders when these orgs are actively preventing countries from dealing with the issue. It’s sick.
      Welcome to neo-liberal capitalism.

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