The last few days have seen an escalation in the Israeli occupation and bombardment of Gaza, a place that has been described as an open-air prison by many who have been there. Part of me isn’t surprised that Israel has, yet again, managed to kill so many innocent civilians (while claiming to target militants), but another part of me is sad that this continues to happen, and that people’s reactions continue to be this predictable: outrage from Arabs and some people in the west; silence or pro-Israel rhetoric from many people in the west, Arab governments, and western governments.

I know the western media is biased. We get that. But seriously people, THINK. Or do some kind of independent research! When I watched the Dutch news last night, the whole narrative was based on blaming Palestinians for this conflict because of the rockets they shot at Israel. I’m just gonna go ahead and say right now: if I were living in an open-air prison, in which limited supplies of food and medicine are allowed in, in a situation where I have to cross a million Israeli check points to get anywhere, in a situation where Israel is MILITARILY OCCUPYING what USED TO BE MY COUNTRY…

I would launch rockets too.

Anyway, I wrote an article for Muftah. Would love to hear feedback 🙂


One thought on “Gaza

  1. As someone who feels mired in a sea of loaded rhetoric surrounding the issue of Gaza (I live in America.) can you give some advice on how to / where to look for less biased sources of information? Are there any particular news outlets, eye-witness accounts, etc. you’d personally suggest over others?

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