About me


A bit about me: I’m 28, I’m half-Dutch, half-Egyptian, and I grew up in Lusaka, Zambia.

I’m living in England at the moment, teaching and researching International Political Economy at the University of Warwick (find me here: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/pais/people/salem/). I just finished my PhD on the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Marxism, and political economy.

I have a thing for postcolonialism and Marxism (even though they don’t always get along), feminism, history, and sociology (my first love).

I  am grateful to Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Chandra Mohanty, Lila abu Lughod and Joan Scott. Also Foucault, Fanon, Gramsci and Edward Said. You will find that I have a huge crush on Chandra Mohanty and Frantz Fanon.

I also love cupcakes. And cake. Carrot cake especially. And ice cream. Oh, and watermelon!

Some of my published work:

Intersectionality and its discontents: Intersectionality as traveling theory

Femen’s Neocolonial Feminism: When Nudity Becomes a Uniform

Decolonial Intersectionality and a Transnational Feminist Movement

Reading and Mis-Reading Frantz Fanon

The Political is Personal – Personal Reflections on a Feminist Trajectory – from transnational feminism to class politics

Revisiting Intersectionality: Reflections on Theory and Praxis

The Egyptian Military and the 2011 Revolution

Reorientalizing the Middle East: The Power Agenda Setting Post-Arab Uprisings

Redefining Feminism: Overcoming the Legacy of Exclusion

Theorizing Lived Experiences: A Personal Reflection on Stuart Hall

Feminist critique and Islamic feminism: the question of intersectionality

Neo-liberal Islamism & the Effects of Egypt’s IMF Loan


27 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ruth Kankya

    Sara, I love it. I love this blog. I always knew growing up that this is what ‘your voice would sound like’. You inspire me sis. Miss you. Ruth K.

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  3. Great blog Sarah. I was struck by your “half Dutch” description. I was born in the Netherlands, am Canadian, married a Ghanaian man and our daughter lives in Turkey. Small world and getting smaller. Keep up the good work, much success in your studies, and all power to you!

  4. Alexandra

    Hello Sara,
    My name is Alexandra. I’m in my first year of an English undergrad hoping to learn more about neocolonialism. I have a few questions and was wondering if it would be okay if I asked you to email me?

  5. Colette Salemi

    Hi! I’m a graduate student and researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. I’m also a former Cairo resident. I’ve been reading your blog and have truly valued your intellectual contributions to some rather challenging topics, particularly your commentary on the concept of feminism in Egypt. This is the topic of my latest research initiative. I would love to correspond with you via email and learn more from your valuable insight. Best wishes – Colette

  6. Hello Sara. I heard you speak in April at the Arab Women’s Conference in San Francisco. I’m planning a trip to Egypt this fall and would like to connect with some of the groups that you mentioned in your talk. Please contact me at yourbodyraks at gmail dot com Thanks

  7. N L

    Hi Sara – I’ve previously commented on this blog and have returned because I love it. I am applying for a PhD for next year at the University of Melbourne, Australia and I was wondering if you would be able to offer me some advice about some of my ideas and how to reframe it for my application? My e-mail address is nancy.lin034@gmail.com 🙂

  8. Cami

    Hey Sara, I’ve been reading you for a few years now. Just wanted to give you a “thank you note”, because I think it’s important to do so.
    Continue your good work! And let me know if you’re in Montreal or Berlin, my two beloved cities. I’m always down for coffee!
    much love,

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